Invites you to ride the Fabulous Monorails of the World


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The World's First Monorail built in 1876 to carry passengers in Philadelphia for the Centennial World Fair.

The Disneyland Monorail. Take this to get a Monorail's eye view of the Magic Kingdom that is Disneyland.

TheShonan Monorail This Monorail is suspended above the roadways, but has beautiful views of the hills and forests.

The Sydney Metro Monorail is the beautiful home of Morris the Monorail.


Don't miss the second adventure of Morris the Monorail. Here is a selection from Book Two to wet your appetite.


Morris the Monorail's

Midnight Adventure

In which Morris goes out alone one dark night to have an Adventure.

Well my lad, what brings you out on a beautiful night like this?As the figure came closer Morris could see he was dressed as an old Sea Captain. I'm Captain Matt said a deep friendly voice.

Please Captain I'm Morris said the little monorail, and I only wanted to see how my harbour looked at night.

Your harbour you say, said Captain Matt, I suppose it is beautiful now, but let me show you how it looked a hundred years ago when it was my harbour. The Captain waved his hand and to the little Monorail's astonishment everything changed.

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